Out and about!

In the surroundings of Camping des Alouettes there are a lot of things to see and do. Below is a list of popular activities and destinations.

  • Canoeing on the current of the Vienne; the starting points lie approximately 6 and 10 km of the camp-site.
  • Geocaching, walks by GPS and find the treasure. If you don't have a GPS or smartphone, you can hire one from the tourist office in Aixe-sur-Vienne (12 km) and/or Rochechouart (16 km).
  • Play golf at 18-hole course with it's interesting stretches of water, impeccable greens and difficult slopes at Golf Saint-Junien (21 km).

Cano marche chateau Jumilhac le Grand

  • Horse-back riding in the country-side, departure in Sereilhac (12 km).
  • Fishing on the river 'Vienne' (9km) or in the lake of 'La Pouge' 88 acres (9 km) or troute-fishing at the old mill 'Moulin Authier' in Coussac-Bonnaval (64 km).
  • The car routes in the surroundings let you enjoy the serenity and beautiful nature of both the Limousine and the Dordogne. Take a break once in a while to enjoy the view points along the routes or have a nice picnic.

Brantome Marché St Junien

  • Visit the local markets with their typical french products.
  • Historical cities in the direct surroundings are Rochechouart (16 km) and Saint-Junien (15 km). Rochechouart is certainly worth a visit because of a meteorite attack and because of its castle with museum of modern art. Saint-Junien is famous for its leather industry.
  • Oradour-sur-Glane (17 km), a martyr village.

Limoges Chateau Montbrun

  • Crockery and porcelain from Limoges (28 km) are world-famous, but do not forget to visit the cathedral, the narrow stair-streets and the artisan workhomes.
  • Visit the beautiful castles of King Richard Lionheart.
  • Montrol Senard (31 km) is an ecomuseum 'nostalgique countrysite'. This village give you the opportunity to feel how living was in the beginning of the XXe century in a small village in the Limousin.

Montrol Senard village nostalgie

  • The roman bathhouse of 'Cassinomagus' (22 km)
  • It is worthwhile to visit the garden of Liliane in St Laurent sur Gorre (8000 m2) (9 km).
  • Le Moulin du Got, an old paper mill from the XVe century in Saint Leonard de Noblat (47 km).
  • Furthermore Saint-Jean-de-Côle (63 km) and Montemart (34 km) are villages which may call themselves "Les plus beaux villages de France". And Brantôme (78 km), also called the Venice of France.

les plus beaux villages


Especially for children

  • Zoo Reynou (32 km) harbours 110 different species of animals.

Parc animalier Reynou

  • Velorail: go cycle on a special bike with your family on a old railway (31 km).
  • Climbing through the trees of the Acrobois (32 km), a challenge for everyone.
  • Parc Bellevue (23 km) is about 8 hectares of varied fun for children with many attractions.

Parc Bellevue

  • Visit the aquarium of Limoges (28 km) to see the amazing sealife.
  • Feeriland (15 km), the marvellous miniature world.

Aquarium Limoges Feeriland

  • In August an medieval event is organised in one of the castles of King Richard Lionheart (28 km).

Lastour chateau medieval

  • Grotte de Villars (71 km) offers an underground adventure and a beautiful visitor centre with information on the caves and a nice playground.
  • Walk with a donkey (14 km).

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